Event Information

What is the Go Native Summit International Training Program

The training program is just the first step of a multi-part approach to prepare Native suppliers with the education and materials they need to thrive on the international tourism stage. The Native tourism product is highly sought after by international operators.
Step 2: Use the information and resources you gathered at the training program to succeed at events like Go West Summit, Pow Wow, and NTA's Convention.
Step 3: Go Native Summit, planned for 2013, incorporates pre-scheduled appointments with buyers and is designed to introduce international tour operators with US-based, Native-owned suppliers. Click to view the training program details.


The intention of this series of events is to create an annual, sustainable Business-to-Business Marketplace for Native Americans to enter the international marketplace or increase current international visitation to their destinations and businesses.  The initial Training Seminar will be implemented to provide an entry level educational platform for Native individuals, businesses, Tribes and Tribal destinations to explore opportunities in the international marketplace and to advance their business skills to increase visitation.  

Planning Partners

International Tourism Marketing, US Department of Commerce, American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA), New Mexico Tourism Department, and the Institute of American Indian Arts.


To create a sustainable Marketplace program utilizing Go Native Summit that will provide international marketing and business education with a platform to conduct one-on-one business meetings for the purpose of originating business growth for all Native destinations and businesses.  Go Native Summit will provide an opportunity through familiarization tours to showcase Tribal destinations and increase tour operator itineraries and products in the international marketplace.